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Magic Blue

Magic Pink

Magic Gold

Magic PPF has three products with Magic Blue, Magic Pink and Magic Gold. It will show amazing color changing effect on different color surface, and from different angle of light, it shows flowing magic effect. It’s made of UPPF’s exclusive PLATICOAT™ coating.


l No Orange Peel : UPPF Magic series without orange peel, it is still smooth and bright as new. 
l Water Stain-Resistant:UPPF with extremely hydrophobic property can resist stains 
l Anti-Yellowing:UPPF can resist the effects of turning yellow 
l Self-Healing:UPPF with self repairing performance protects your original car paint 
l Anti-Contamination:UPPF has the best anti-fouling performances to protect your car from stubborn stains. Make the car as bright and shining as brand-new.

10-Year Warranty:

MAGIC Paint Protection Film has 10-year warranty which against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.


Automotive, motorcycle, camper, motor vehicle, bicycle, yacht, aircraft etc.


UPPF provides different warranty condition for each film model in different countries, due to different weather and environment conditions. Please check with your local UPPF distributor for more detail information.

Data Sheet:

 MAGIC TPU SERIES – Product Specifications file


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